Valve & Slide Oils

  • 337RC Conn Slide-O-Mix Premix
    337RC Conn Slide-O-Mix Premix

    An easy-to-use, one-step trombone slide lubricant. rapid comfort is designed for the trombonist who wants the features of Slide-O-Mix, but in a quicker and easier application. Rapid comfort can be used when there is limited time for application. A quick and reliable solution in one! Apply it, spread it, and you're ready to go!
    Price: $10.25
  • 338S  Conn Trombone Slide Lubricant
    338S Conn Trombone Slide Lubricant

    The internationally acclaimed slide lubricant. Provides excellent handslide action.
    Price: $9.25
  • BJVO Roberts Eng Blue Juice Valve Oil 2oz
    BJVO Roberts Eng Blue Juice Valve Oil 2oz

    Blue Juice Valve Oil is a light, fast, refined petroleum product that's especially effective on close-tolerance musical instrument valves. What distinguishes Blue Juice valve oil - aside from its distinctive blue coloring - is that it delivers an anti-corrosion agent for extra protection. 2 oz.
    Price: $6.55
  • FCVO  Fat Cat Valve Oil
    FCVO Fat Cat Valve Oil

    Fat Cat Valve Oil is ultra-refined petroleum oil that chemical tests have shown to have fewer impurities than other popular valve oils. Fat Cat's viscosity ("thinness or thickness") is similar to other "fast" oils but works better because of its purity. OSHA considers Fat Cat Oil as non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non flammable and non hazardous. Be assured that Fat Cat Oil will work extremely well in trumpets, baritones, euphoniums, French horns and tubas of all makes and ages. Its precision applicator tip makes it especially easy to reach rotary valve bearings.
    Price: $5.20
  • MMSO  Manning Music Slide Oil
    MMSO Manning Music Slide Oil

    Affordable slide oil suitable for trombone slides.
    Price: $3.50
  • MMVO Manning Music Valve Oil
    MMVO Manning Music Valve Oil

    An affordable valve oil suitable for all types of instrument valves.
    Price: $4.20
  • SS4230  Superslick Slide Cream
    SS4230 Superslick Slide Cream

    Superior Superslick Trombone Slide Cream is a favorite choice for trombone care. Slide cream, treatment, and spray bottle enhance the slide action and combine to give trombone players an exceptional line of products for trombone care.
    Price: $4.20
  • TSO  Superslick Trombone Slide Oil
    TSO Superslick Trombone Slide Oil

    Special formula Superslick Trombone Slide Oil provides long-lasting, noiseless, odorless, butter-smooth slide action with every application. Fine-spray applicator gives an even coating without drips.

    Available in 2 oz. bottles.
    Price: $5.20
  • YACRO  Yamaha Rotor Oil 40ml
    Price: $7.50
  • YACRVO  Yamaha Synthetic Valve Oil
    YACRVO Yamaha Synthetic Valve Oil

    Yamaha Superior Valve Oils are based on an advanced synthetic formula that is produced using a consistent molecule size. This new synthetic formula allow the oil to evaporate smoothly, guaranteeing a longer life and extremely responsive action. Yamaha Superior Valve Oils contain a unique anti-corrosive agent, which greatly outperforms the competition. The new additive prevents all types of corrosion and will protect valves and valve casings in nearly every playing environment.
    Price: $9.99