WS-640 QuikLok QuickLok Keyboard / Piano Table

Price: $228.99
Manufacturer Part #:  WS-640
The QuikLok WS-640 is a multi-function T-stand designed for quite a few applications, including keyboards and pianos All 4 of its legs are independently height adjustable, and each leg can be swung into position to conform to the shape and size of the equipment being held. The stand also sports solid rubber rest pads that provide security and cushioning as they hold your equipment in place. By means of a spring-loaded security knob, the stand can be set to eight different height-adjustment positions. Also, tilt-angle adjustments can be made through heightening the back legs. When you're done with the stand, you can fold it down into a convenient T-shape for easy transport. The WS-640 is compatible with many accessories from QuikLok, allowing you to expand its range of uses even further.