Guitar Amplifiers

  • AUDITION  Peavey Audition Guitar Amp
    AUDITION Peavey Audition Guitar Amp
    Peavey's exclusive TransTube® technology truly creates the sound, warmth and "push back" of a tube amplifier through its patented solid-state design. The basic building blocks of the TransTube® sound are the exclusive designs of the preamp and power amp. The preamp section tailors gain to meet the need for any amount of drive, from crystal clear to thick, smooth sustain. The power amp reacts just like a tube output section by responding to the preamp with natural compression that increases as the amp gets louder. With TransTube®, you get a killer amp with widely ranging dynamics and natural "grit," just like a tube amp!
    Price: $109.99
  • BC-HOT-VB  Roland Blues Cube Hot 30W 1x12" Combo Amp
    Price: $569.99
  • KTN-100  Boss Katana 100W 1x12" Guitar Amplifier
    Price: $399.99
  • KTN-50  Boss Katana 50W 1x12" Guitar Amplifier
    Price: $269.00
  • KTN-MINI  Roland Katana Mini Guitar Amp
    Price: $109.99
  • KXB100  Kustom 100W Bass Guitar Amp
    Price: $499.99
  • KXB20  Kustom 20w Bass Guitar Amp
    Price: $299.99
  • MAX100  Peavey Max100 100W 1x10" Bass Amp
    Price: $329.99
  • MAX126  Peavey Max126 10w Bass Amp
    Price: $119.99
  • MAX150  Peavey Max150 150W 1x12" Bass Amp
    Price: $399.99
  • MAX158  Peavey Max158 Bass Amp
    MAX158 Peavey Max158 Bass Amp
    Most practice amps sound like practice amps. The Peavey MAX 158 is an exception. Thanks to TransTube emulation circuitry, it has sweet tone that makes practicing or warming-up backstage a pleasure. A voicing switch gives you modern or vintage drive. 3-band EQ. 15W power. 8" bass driver. Tape/CD in. Headphone out.
    Price: $169.99
  • NGW10 Nashville Guitar Works NGW 10W Guitar Amp
    Price: $139.99
  • NGW20 Nashville Guitar Works NGW 20W Guitar Amp
    Price: $219.99
  • RB-110  Ampeg 50W Bass Amp,10" Speaker
    Price: $299.99
  • RB-112  Ampeg 100W Bass Amp, 12" Speaker
    Price: $429.99
  • SPIDER20 Line6 Line 6 Spider 20 Guitar Amp
    SPIDER20 Line6 Line 6 Spider 20 Guitar Amp
    The Spider® V 20 amp has been designed to sound great right out of the box, and its easy-to-use controls and compact size make it the ideal practice amp for any guitarist—from beginners to seasoned professionals. Select one of 16 tonally-diverse amp and effect presets, then use the intuitive interface to quickly tweak that tone to your personal taste if you’d like. Each preset contains three effects that can be switched in and out stompbox-style using the dedicated FX buttons on the front panel. Turning the Reverb knob adds atmosphere and depth to your sound, and you can tap in delay times and modulation rates with the Tap/Tuner button. Press and hold the button to access the onboard tuner. A micro USB port makes it easy to connect the Spider V 20 amp to your Mac or PC, or iOS and Android device*, where you can edit your tones via the free Spider V Remote app, or record your performances with the included Steinberg Cubase LE DAW.
    Price: $149.99